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Sample of Historical Articles

"The Destruction of the Papers of Barras," French Historical Studies, 
The French Village in the Eighteenth Century,  Forum Press.
"Village Government in Provence at the End of the Eighteenth Century," Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the Western Society for French Studies.
"The Idea of Liberty and the sectionnaires of Marseilles During the French Revolution," Proceedings of the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850.
"History of Psoriasis," Advances in Psoriasis:  A Multisystemic Guide. New York, Springer,, pp. 1-7

Politics and Theatre

“Lafayette: A Boom Town’s Ups and Downs,” Gris Gris.
​“Levesque Tip-Toes Around French Movement in Louisiana,” Gris Gris.
“Lafayette: Theatre Heart of America?” Gris Gris.
“Raves in the Big Apple for the Little Crawfish,” Gris Gris.
“The Gris Gris Guide to The Other Mardi Gras,” with Marie Delahoussaye, Gris Gris.


 One Act Plays

Eleanor, staged Eavesdrop Theatre, Lafayette, LA; Quaigh Theatre, New York; Mermaid Playwrights' Theatre Philadelphia.
Lochiel's Choice, staged Mermaid Playwrights' Theatre Philadelphia.
Welcome to Ozzie's,  staged Mermaid Playwright's Theatre Philadelphia.
An Interview with Snow White, staged Mermaid Playwright's Theatre Philadelphia.

Most Recent writings

One Volunteer, One Family, One Farm: What it meant to be a North Carolina Volunteer in 1861.

The Unluckiest Bullet of The Civil War: A Reappraisal of Confederate General D. H. Hill.

Understanding The News.